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Our Home

Celia Residential Assisted Living

Where your loved ones are pampered.

Empowering Lives, Enriching Hearts: At Celia Residential Assisted Living, our unwavering mission is to provide exceptional and compassionate assisted living services that foster independence, dignity, and a sense of belonging for every individual under our care. Guided by our commitment to personalized attention, respect, and a deep understanding of each resident's unique needs, we strive to create a warm and nurturing environment that truly feels like home. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, we deliver comprehensive and thoughtful care, ensuring that our residents can embrace life to the fullest.

Dignity, Compassion, Personalized Care, Trust.

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1771 N 350 W, Ogden, Utah

24/hr Care

In-Home Meals


  • Primary suite: 1
  • Private bedrooms: 3
  • Shared bedrooms: 1


  • Starting at $3,800 monthly 

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1771 N 350 W, Ogden, Utah






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